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Foothill Tax Payers Association values  protecting the rights and interests of Tax Payers against the over-reaching and over spending government at the state, county and local levels.  We are an association dedicated to free market principles, individual rights, private property rights and informing Tax Payers through advancement of taxpayers’ rights, including the right to limited taxation, the right to vote on tax increases and the right of economical, equitable and efficient use of taxpayer dollars. We review policy, fees, regulations, issues, initiatives, bond measures, and programs to keep people informed and develop action plans. 

Why was Foothill Tax Payers Association Started?

In 2015 a group came together to oppose Measure A in our community.  Measure A was about setting up a Mello Roos district for Lighting & Maintinence.  For many reasons we opposed Measure A and people voted no and the measure was defeated.

In 2016 the School Board floated Bond Measure U.  The Bond was for repair/replacement of roofs, air conditioners, drinking fountains, playground restructure,  etc.  We did not come together to defeat Bond Measure U and it passed with only ONE vote.  A one vote loss means property owners will be paying this bond for 40 - 50 years!  This means our Children and Grandchildren will be paying this debt.

It was decided after that loss to set up a continuing organization to be there when the next issue, policy, initiative, candidate may came up.  Foothill Tax Payers Association was formed in December 2016!


  Active citizens are outspoken and informed! They attend public policy forums and townhall meetings, meet with their representatives, participate in surveys and petition drives; help educate their friends, colleagues and neighbors about what’s happening in their communities! They write letters to editors, councilman, supervisors, assembly, senate and congress! They call their representatives at all levels of government to keep them accountable to us because government is there to protect and serve us. Active citizens work to bring fiscal responsibility and accountability to government by action and contributions. Add you name to our email list below and stay informed.  

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